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Dear Readers,

We started our RFID-UHF business back in 2009, by developing our first RFID-UHF Inlay for animal ear tags for the Pork industry.  It took 3 years of development & many ear tag trials (in close collaboration with ear tag manufacturers) to achieve a high standard product that works in harsh conditions.  

Thus, a company that stays on track (at the time with a low investment budget) and masters many pitfalls, has to be passionate about their technology!  With this in mind, we continue to work hard on our projects to help our customers achieve their business objectives.

Our Inlays and Tags on our main page are all custom specific, which we developed for our partners & customers. Some projects succeeded, some never left the pilot phase. 

What I would like to underline at this stage, is that we have in-depth RFID technological knowledge and vast experience in designing new inlays & tags for custom specifc projects. 

If you or your organization are contemplating on 'RFID enabling' your product, and require a good team to support your endeavours...then please give us call!    

Thank you for your time,

Charlie Purser