RFID & Blockchain ...new ideas together

pureSpekt (2009) is not only a design, prototyping and RFID-UHF Inlay provider, with the ability to create prototypes and validate pilot runs in a short time frame, we also work with our partners on developing new business ideas for various ecosystems, and experiment with disruptive technologies - for example block chain and provenance solutions.

pureSpekt works on bridging the ecosystem gaps between standard and near future concepts, by addressing all involved stakeholders.

We support our partners using our embedded UHF-Inlay technology in their products, thus advancing to the next level of expanding product benefits for their customers.

Below you will find some examples of our products and applications...by no means exhaustive.

Please reach out to us if you require new or a 'revamp' of existing RFID inlay / tag designs, or a production run on your standard products.

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